The tradition of sports recereation in Samobor has been cherished for more than a century, and the establishment of "Hrvatski Sokol" in 1904 is regarded as its starting point.  After World War II, its work continued through the Society for Physical Culture "Samobor", the Gymnastics Society for Physical Education, the Gymnastics Society "Partizan", and at a later period the Society for Sports Recreation "Partizan" Samobor. Association for Sports Recreation "Samobor" was founded in 1981 and it incorporated the work of the Societies for Sports Recreation "Partizan" from Samobor and Bregana, as well as more than twenty sections for sports recreation in local communities and work.

Since 1990, the Society for Sports Recreation (SSR) “Sport for All” Samobor has been taking care of sports recreation in Samobor. Its activity is based on the sports recreation for people of all ages - from preschool children to adults. The engagement of women of different age groups deserves a special emphasis, along with the fact that more than 350 women have participated in various exercising groups and recreational activities over the past thirty years. The most prominent activity of the SSR “Sports for All” is a pedestrian hike under the motto “Towards Health”, which has been organized for decades several times a year. These outings to the Samobor Hills regularly attract many citizens of Samobor and its 

The president of the SSR “Sport for All” Samobor is Ljiljana Šurbek Bošnjak, while in the previous period a great contribution to the work of the society is owed to Ivan Bezjak, Josip Leopold, Radislav Aleksić and the late professor Slavko Rudolf. Longtime leaders of recreational activities for women are Đurđa Vuković and Diana Trčak Regović, who have been the carriers of the overall society’s activities for decades in order to promote recreation as a healthy 

SSR “Sport for All” Samobor is an active member of the Croatian Federation for Sports Recreation “Sport for All” and the Samobor Sports Association.

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