Dynamic Pilates is a combination of classical Pilates exercises with or without props performed with music. The goal of the exercise is to strengthen the postural muscles, with emphasis on muscles of the back and the abdomen (the core), and achieving greater flexibility and mobility of the joints. Continuous exercising results in spindle shaped muscles, proper posture and symmetry of the left and right side of the body. In addition, you will have a well-balanced body weight and great body balance. Dynamic Pilates is an exercise program for adults of all ages, primarily for women.


Martina Dragojević Trcol, certified group music fitness instructorMartina Dragojević Trcol has been practicing dance from the earliest youth and she is constantly educated in new techniques. She was certified as a group music fitness instructor in 2005, as well as an instructor for Les Mills Sh'bam and Body Attack programs. She works as a trainer in "Mofit Fitness Club" and "Adidas Sports Studio" in Zagreb.


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