Tai Chi Chuan is a mental and physical discipline based on old Chinese martial arts, traditional Chinese medicine and philosophy. The United Nations and the World Health Organization cite Tai Chi as an excellent method for decreasing stress as well as an actively designed movement technique intended to preserve and improve the overall human health.

It is a recreational physical activity which, through specially designed movements, maintains and improves the psychophysical health of the participants. The movements are specifically designed to balance and optimally adjust the physical, energetic, emotional and mental aspects of a person. The general goals are to increase the range of movement, maintain and increase muscle capabilities, increase endurance, increase latent motion time, and to awake the body function, motion and mind. Everyday exercise leads to improvements in the general physical and mental state of people which establishes a normal flow of energy in the body.

Apart from physical benefits, there are also a number of positive effects on mental health. It has been established that Thai Chi significantly improves mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, stress and reduced self-esteem. People who practice it are happier, have higher productivity, sharper concentration, better mental functions as well as better coordination and movement harmony, better interpersonal relationships and greater adaptability to stressful changes.

The advantages of regular Tai Chi training are regulation of blood sugar, strengthening of the heart muscle, preservation of the muscular tone, activating vital energy, stress reduction, improved attention and concentration, stabilization of emotions, better coordination of the movements, greater balance control, correction of body posture and breathing regulation.

Tai Chi helps people who are suffering or are recovering from stroke, osteoporosis, heart failure, high blood pressure, heart attack, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease and fibromyalgia.

 Trainer: Borivoj Ranitović


Saturday 09:00-10:30

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