Đurđa Vuković

Đurđa Vuković has been working as a senior citizens recreational trainer in the Society for Sports Recreation "Sport for All" Samobor since 1969. Under her leadership and thanks to her engagement the number of people involved in recreational activities in Samobor is constantly rising and at the same time the availability of corrective gymnastics programs to the wide circle of citizens has a positive impact on their vitality, general mobility and health.

She is a long-time member of the Presidency of the Society for Sports Recreation "Sport for All" Samobor and her experience has been very valuable in the process of planning, organization and implementation of a number of recreational activities in Samobor, primarily the pedestrian hikes under the motto "Towards Health" and various seminars and sports recreation competitions.

For many years, she has been enabling the participation of citizens of Samobor in numerous cultural and social events such as theater performances, concerts and exhibitions, in both our town and its surroundings.

She has received a number of recognitions for her engagement in the area of culture and sports recreation - Prize for achievements in the development and advancement of culture in Samobor, Prize for multi-year cooperation in the development of sports recreation, Prize for promotion of cultural activities in ​​Samobor, Plaque of the City of Samobor as well as the Life Achievement Award of the City of Samobor.

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